Who is Sincerity?

Denise Garcia aka ‘Sincerity’ an artist and writer currently living in Ecuador and serving the youth with Covenant World Mission. She is passionate about words because she believes they have the power to uplift, encourage and edify: that is precisely what is intended through the poetry, posts, and conversations in this blog.

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Mission to Ecuador

*All monetary support is tax-deductible.


7 thoughts on “Who is Sincerity?

  1. yo yo yo!! Hola como estas?
    hope everything is going well . Muchas bendiciones. I really like to join you to serve or help others. able to give …
    miss you since MONROE DAYS.

    1. Lilliana que increíble escuchar de ti amiga. Bueno pues vente a Ecuador! Jaja Pero claro hay muchas maneras de apoyar. Do you know the online giving page? And like I said the doors are open if you would like to come to Ecuador to either volunteer or visit. Avísame!

      1. Hola again! No habia visto tu reply. I know about the online giving page but Im the kind of girl who likes to give by acting and making people smile or laugh.
        Ahora estoy en clases . Donde en ecuador estas? Me gustaria hacer las dos cosas : apoyarte y turistear . Miss you girl.
        Love Lilly

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