Lyrics to Life wants to do just as its name suggests: bring LIFE through the LYRICS showcased at every gathering. 

This is not just another event. Lyrics to Life is a movement to connect conscious artists in efforts to raise support for my two-year missionary service in Ecuador. 

The vision behind Lyrics to Life is provide a faith-based, safe space for the community by artists who are culturally, politically, and spiritually conscious. We, as artists hope to spread knowledge, good energy, hope and love to the people through Hip Hop Culture. 

Art in community development is essential to mobilizing, educating and uplifting a a people.  When I started Lyrics to Life there were less than 10 of us gathered in my friend’s living room; at my second event in August there were about 45 people who joined us at La Casa Azul Bookstore in Harlem. Join us on November 20th at Fellowship Covenant Church in the Bronx as we continue to build, grow, and use our God-given gifts as means of service! 

Spread the word by reposting this flyer using the hashtags:



Grace and Peace, 



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