IMG_0735My favorite place to be is where the ocean and the sky meet. It reminds me how small I am, and how immense God is. This time last year, my cousin and I climbed rocks like kids getting from Sua to Atacames (Ecuador): from one beach to the other. It was hurting my little feet, plus there were little crabs everywhere! But just to go from one place of beauty to the next, together (plus friends), knowing the other side was worth it gave us joy. We laughed as our feet got cut on the rocks.

If we would have left Sua earlier in the day, we could have just walked around the rocks. At that point the tide was high and because we waited, we had to take the alternative: climb the rocks to get to the other side (we didn’t even consider not going). It was silly to think that our journey would have been a lot easier if we left even as little as 30 minutes earlier, but the experience would have been much different, and not nearly as memorable.

As I went through my phone this afternoon and saw this picture, I smiled at the message behind it. It was a reminder to laugh when the rocks are cutting my feet. The journey is much more fun when we laugh. It was a reminder that sometimes God allows us to be late, to make silly mistakes just so we could grow tough skin when the journey ends up being more challenging than we expected it to be.



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