I am where I am for a reason.

Don’t feel discouraged if you reached the end of January and haven’t been intentional about your New Year’s resolution, or if you are 25 and thought you would have your own apartment but are still living with your mom, or thought you would be working in¬†your dream carreer by now and are working a 9-5 you don’t like, be easy. Tell yourself: “I am where I need to be right in this moment”. Avoid an attitude that will hinder you from loving your present. Be patient with your purpose, with God’s timing, and recognize that if things don’t go as planned, a better plan is being formed.

Today I will write a gratitude list, I will make an effort to observe my surroundings with thanksgiving, I will acknowledge that there’s work to do without putting myself down about it. The process is just as important as my¬†destination. I believe that I am where I need to be right now to go where I am going, and I will enjoy this place without grumbling. I will enjoy the journey without losing site of my destination. That is my hope for today and all days.

@sinceritylyrics #mondaymantras


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