“Hold on to Jesus. Write down your song” sang a woman on the bus. Her clothes were distressed, she was holding her bible in the air and sang with conviction. Those surrounding her on the bus looked at her as if she was crazy. She repeated those words my whole bus ride. 

Little did she know how much her boldness and message would bless me. I don’t know if the woman on the bus had a mental illness. But right then and there, in that moment, God was speaking through her, consoling her and encouraging me to continue to hold on to Him, to continue to write down my song.

I’m here to pass on that consolation and encouragement. Hold on to Jesus. Write Down Your Song. 



2 thoughts on “Write Down Your Song

  1. Thanks for sharing this, I think that the little things are actually what makes a big impact. I was talking to the cashier lady at the grocery store the other day, and she showed me her cross necklace- proudly telling me that God is the one that protects her every single day as she works. 🙂

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