God gave me a vision in 2013 to go back to Ecuador. Shoot! To be honest I went in 2013 and almost didn’t come back. But I had to. Because the journey was a part of Gods plan. You can’t go to the Olympics and skip the training.

Together with numerous supporters, we have raised 84.53% of the funds needed to go to Ecuador with Covenant World Mission (http://www.covchurch.org/mission/ ). I have been back to Ecuador three times on my own account to visit family members and meet other missionaries and Ecuadorians who are part of The Covenant doing amazing work for the nation.

You can read about the transforming episode in my walk that inspired, motivated , and led me to pursue #MissiontoEcuador on A Call From Ecuador

Saying YES to God meant I had to say NO to many. That means opportunities, relationships, and more. It means that when I fail Him, I can’t throw in the towel because I have supporters, mentees, spiritual mothers, brothers and sisters holding me accountable, inspired by my testimony, rooting for me to fulfill my purpose, this calling that fills my heart with gratitude, and love.

Despite my moments of doubt. Despite my moments of disobedience, despite my moments of fear the Lord has been the light to my feet. I am so close to 100% that I can set a realistic date of departure with my team and I am an awe with God. Blessed. Grateful. Loved. And in love with the work that will be done in Ecuador for my beloved people. For the country that birthed my family, and my ancestors. May God make me a bridge between cultures, may he make me always compassionate, always loving, always forgiving. May He keep me healthy and sane to do His work. May He use me and may I never hinder the gifts he has given me to serve His creation.

Pray that I will reach 100% of the funds I need and 100% of the potential God has given me. That I endure the race set before me…

To partner with me visit Covchurch Giving

All financial support is tax-deductible! 


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