Represent Represent!

Being a Brooklyn girl, there was always this pride instilled in me to rep Brooklyn HARD! Maybe that pride comes with New York culture, with Biggie songs blasting throughout Bedstuy and making us all feel like Hip Hop belongs to us. It didn’t matter if I moved to Massachusetts or Virginia, you could tell by the way I talked, by the way I moved, by the way I created art that I was from New York. Not saying I didn’t take a piece of wherever I go with me because I did, what I’m saying is, I never forgot where I came from.

My roots Go beyond Brooklyn, or New York City though. That’s why every time I am able to hold an Ecuadorian flag I am proud and cheesy. I know I am representing a people who are colorful, a culture that others meet and aspire to have, a struggle that God sees, a call that is bigger than me.

I am loud when I speak about Guayaquil. I am boastful when I talk about the diversity and beauty of the land my parents hailed from and where I am going. I am eager to tell you more, learn and teach, to give you a taste… That’s why holding an Ecuadorian flag on July 28th at Triennial, or anywhere where I have the privilege of doing so is a big deal. I think of how proud my family in Ecuador is, I think of the lives who I have come across in Ecuador. I think of the lively people and the humility and laughter that I am met with when I am among my Ecuadorian brothers and sisters.

This journey doesn’t represent me as much as it represents a people, a land, a culture, a history that I am a lineage of, and that I claim wholeheartedly. I pray that I am a reminder to Ecuadorian girls, Latina girls, all girls to be unapologetic about their heritage. To be bold, raise up their flags and represent!


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