Allow me to share my gratitude list with you all tonight… literally

  1. Family
  2. Faith
  3. Love
  4. Purpose
  5. Books
  6. Breathe
  7. Food
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Music
  10. #MissiontoEcuador


Some of you may be familiar with the hashtag #MissiontoEcuador or are even on this journey with me!

After waiting,  going through trainings and tests, after fundraising for over a year, after traveling and speaking in churches in New England, Chicago, and New York City… I am on my way to Ecuador. By Gods Grace and the support of many, that one way flight to Ecuador is bought for October 1st.

In the last year I have come out of my comfort zone as an artist in order to spread the word about this mission, and God has blessed me by placing amazing mentors and supporters along the way. I have grown and started to dream larger than life. I owe many of it to this journey. All because of that first yes to God..

I am grateful to everyone who has prayed, partnered with me and who genuinely believes in my purpose,

We are on our way…



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