I am writing this post on a full stomach. I ate mi almuerzo a little late today. I take an hour and forty minute commute every Tuesday and Thursday to and from La Unidad Telmo Marquina in El Guasmo sector of Guayaquil. There is where I teach English in my Nuyorkina accent.

I love it! I love the love. I love that I have the opportunity to teach and serve through education. If only the students knew they bless me more than I could ever bless them!

There are stories of children who drop out of school to care for their siblings while their parents work. Sometimes families do not have enough money to support their children attending schools. Sometimes schools do not have the resources or enough teachers to equip the students. This is a reality; a reality children around the world face and my hope is that God may use the education he gives me, the words he gives me, the passion, the gifts, the joy to pour unto those He puts on my path. A child who dreams big will accomplish great things.

I think of how many dreams we all have as children and how often circumstances crush those illusions! Lord, what a beautiful thing it is to dream and believe that you have something to give the world! The thing about God is that he is not intimidated by our circumstances or our disbelief. If faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains, I am convinced a child who believes in herself or himself can create bridges, overcome hurdles and accomplish his or her given purpose in this life!

Here we are on week three of #MissionToEcuador with many homemade meals and still not totally situated but writing to you from my new home.

Celebrate with me! Hope with me! Cry with me! Share the stories I share with you as they do not belong to me, but to the people. Dream as children dream like there was never a circumstance or doubt that impeded you from believing.


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