What a week!

As I reflect on my journey, I remember dreaming of holding children’s hands. Literally. But not just any children, children here in Ecuador. I asked God, “what does this mean?”.

Though I felt sure in the back of my mind, I still asked God for help: a sign, more dreams, etc. And he did exactly that. Every step of the way God was affirming my steps, assuring me that the visions he was giving me were bigger than where I was at at the present time.

Fast forward three years, I am in Ecuador working with the children in Guayaquil and Esmeraldas holding hands that now have faces and names and stories that have become part of my own. In my own daily struggles, God continues to show me that He has not left me, that he is using me, that His grace overflows when I am tired, heartsick or even disobedient. What a wonderful God we serve!


Grace and Peace,

Denise Garcia

Support Mission to Ecuador 


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