Friday night my brother and I took an 8-hour bus ride to Quito from Guayaquil to visit missionary friends and attend the inauguration of an orphanage opening up in Cayambe where many of our beloved brothers and sisters both Ecuadorian and American have diligently been working towards.

Throughout the bus ride however, the pain in my bones and the temperature of my body made it clear I would not be able to attend the grand opening of the orphanage or see some of the brothers and sisters I anticipated seeing.

Day 2 of feeling sick but better than Day 1, I feel like God allowed me get knocked down a little, hours away from my home in Guayaquil to get rest. Maybe it sounds silly. But having a day to just lay down without thinking about other people or responsibilities but to think about my OWN HEALTH and well being hasn’t been a priority.

Shame on me to think I can serve God and not pay attention to my body. I’ve been drained. As Pia Restrepo, one of our Latin American Coordinators said, “you thought you took this trip for the inauguration, but maybe God brought you here so we could pray for you”.

Tomorrow morning, I head back to Guayaquil GODWILLING. This time I will be taking a 45 minute flight instead of an 8 hour bus ride. I intend to rest my body but my mind also. I intend to go to the Doctor’s too.

Will you pray with me for my heart, body, and mind? Will you pray for a speedy recovery? Will you pray for my stillness? Will you pray for intentionality and self-care, for a heart that puts God first and not my worries? This is a genuine request from a transparent moment.

Grace and Peace,


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