When you are on a never-ending mission, fundraising can become a never-ending journey. It has been a little over eight months since I moved to Ecuador as a ‘first- term’ missionary with Covenant World Mission. The idea, the plan, the hope is to live and serve here for a minimum of two years.

Four months shy to a year and the reality is that the needs were greater than budgeted for and I was not 100% funded when I moved. The circumstances however do not derail me from doing the work. Being here has affirmed my purpose in Ecuador, and it continues to be revealed as God continues to use me.

It can be a downer to think that a large portion of my time in Ecuador for the next couple of months may be spent fundraising. Still, God gets the glory throughout the process. Just as he taught me, connected with me, and guided me the year prior to coming to Ecuador, He will do it now. I have no doubt.

So my prayer request is this. Pray for my patience and that God’s will be done. Pray that though I am imperfect that I be inclined to trust and be obedient to the Lord as he prepares hearts to give cheerfully and jump on board towards this #MissiontoEcuador.

Your prayers are needed as is your financial support and your love. That way, I can continue to pour love and serve in this place at this phase in my life that has become so precious to me, and I hope precious for the lives God has put on my path.

If you would like to partner with #MissiontoEcuador financially, remember your financial support is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. You can give a one-time gift or make this an ongoing gift by giving any amount you please on a monthly, quarterly, or even yearly basis.

Looking forward to all of those whose hearts God is already moving to partner with me. Thank you! Click below to join me today!

Yes, I want to support     

With Love,

Denise aka Sincerity


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