Back to Brooklyn

After 9.5 months in Ecuador, Brooklyn felt my soles on it’s ground. In Bushwick, where I used to play at the pump and stay at my cousin’s home for the summer, memories of my younger days brought me a smile. Even when I moved within the States (Massachusetts and Virginia), I’d always make sure to make it known that I am indeed a Brooklyn girl.

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Reflection Time

Reflection Time


What a week!

As I reflect on my¬†journey, I remember dreaming of holding children’s hands. Literally. But not just any children, children here in Ecuador. I asked God, “what does this mean?”.

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A Time to Remember-Lyrics to Life

A Time to Remember-Lyrics to Life

There’s one week left until Lyrics to Life. Next Friday will be a special event because it will be dedicated to victims of the earthquake. We will collect Mission to Ecuador funds and accept contributions towards the earthquake relief. Come and be blessed by an all women’s lineup and remember the women, men, and children that lost their lives, their homes, their businesses, their land.

Remember that no day is promised. Remember that we are incapable of stopping natural disasters. That human beings are little in and of themselves. We have such little control. Such little control…

We can be in control of our attitudes, the way we treat people, the way we treat God, the way we use our gifts. I pray that after Lyrics to Life you will be a little more thankful. More refreshed. More forgiving. More open to love.

I can’t wait to see all of you there as you embark on this journey with me!